About Us

Since 2007, our products have helped thousands of people overcome the natural aversion and difficulties of inserting large scleral lenses. The See-Green®™ Lens Inserter and stands have been accepted in the medical community as essential assistive tools that enable people to insert and wear scleral lenses. We provide them to the Boston Foundation for Sight and their PROSE Clinic Partners and to over 16 Hospital and University clinics. Eye care practitioners all over the United States and in other countries order our products.

Many people tell us that they can't get their lenses in without them! A recent customer told us she can now insert her lenses independently and no longer needs a home health worker to visit every day. Others who had given up on their scleral lens due to difficulties tried our products and tell us they re-opened the door to the scleral lens option, and we are told things like "it’s a game changer" or " a life saver".

The green LED light of the innovative See-Green®™ Lens Inserter will help users feel comfortable, center the lens in the eye, and help prevent flinching and darting away of the eye. Our stands hold plungers and lenses securely while being prepared for insertion. People with unsteady hands or those that need to hold their eye lids open with both hands will find them helpful.

Our mission is to continue producing, improving and delivering products that are easy to use, economical, and long lasting. We are committed to prompt customer service and support and help special needs customers with custom product adaptations tailored to their individual needs, such as extra bright lights for extreme low vision users. The See-Green™ Lens Inserter comes with a one-year warranty.

It is our pleasure to make and sell these helpful products, and gratifying to know they make a big difference in the quality of life for so many people who use them every day.

John Dalsey, Manager
Dalsey Adaptives, LLC