Welcome! Since 2007, our products have helped thousands of people overcome the natural aversion and difficulties of inserting large scleral lenses. The See-Green®™ Lens Inserter and Stands have long-standing recognition by ophthalmic professionals as essential assistive tools that enable people to insert and wear scleral lenses. We provide them to the Boston Foundation for Sight and their PROSE Clinic Partners as well as Hospitals, University clinics, Optometry Colleges and professional practices all over the Unites States and other countries.

The green LED light of the innovative See-Green®™ Lens Inserter will help you feel comfortable, help center your lens, and help prevent flinching and darting away of the eye. Our stands hold plungers and lenses securely while being prepared for insertion. People with unsteady hands or those that need to hold their eye lids open with both hands will find them helpful.

Many people tell us that they can't put their lenses in without them. Customers report to us they can now insert their lenses independently and some no longer need home health workers or family members to help every day. Others tell us that the product makes inserting their lenses so much easier, and helps them prevent the occasional painful misaligned insertion. We hear feedback that our products are "a game changer" or "a life saver". A recent customer wrote: “This device is instrumental to my wellness and helping me have a normal day”. A doctor in Miami said: “We pulled off a miracle with your product” as it enable his 90 year old patient with vision in only one eye to insert his own lens.

The See Green®™ Lens Inserter is made in the U.S.A and comes with a one-year unconditional replacement guarantee.

Medical Professionals, please contact us for your separate pricing.

We provide personal and prompt customer service. We offer to adapt our products on an individual basis for people with special needs, such as extra bright lights for extreme low vision users. Our mission is to continue to support the people who rely on us, and to keep producing, improving and delivering helpful products that are easy to use, economical, and long lasting.

John F. Dalsey, Manager, Dalsey Adaptives, LLC

See Green ® Lens Inserter
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See Green ® Lens Inserter Stand
Product ID : See Green ® LensInserter Stand
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See Green ® Plunger
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3 DMV Ultra Contact Lens Removers
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